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Andrew Watson

Andrew founded ipVA in 2005. Andrew is ipVA’s CEO, a lead project consultant and an internationally recognised IP strategist.

Andrew aims to make the understanding of IP simple, presenting the commercial and business relevance of IP to audiences that have not previously had in depth experience of it. Often those audiences are partners and directors in VC and PE funds who recognize that IP is important but have no experience or benchmarks to separate and identify IP quality.

Andrew describes ipVA’s ethos:

“In building our business, we decided early that the IP elite were already well served by advisory businesses and their own expertise. In small to medium sized entities and their fund backers though, IP sophistication is low, even though intangibles can often represent the majority of shareholder value. These businesses have IP potential to sell for more on exit. Our job is to design and implement strategies to build and put that added value on the table, making IP a central part of operational performance along the way.”

Before ipVA Andrew spent 15 years as an M&A lawyer in Andersen (mostly spent ignoring the importance of IP as just another specialist legal area). Andrew then joined Thirdspace in 2001, a co-venture by Alcatel and Oracle into the then nascent IPTV market. Oracle had donated a portfolio of video streaming patents to the business. Two years of intensive IP education later, Thirdspace was successfully sold to Alcatel, the quality of its IP being one of the core reasons for its exit valuation.

Andrew has taught at the EVCA’s IPR Master Class and presented on IP challenges for SME’s to the EPO’s 2006 IP Summit and at the 2008 IP Business Congress in Amsterdam. In 2009 and 2010, Intellectual Asset Magazine named Andrew one of the top leading IP strategists from around the world in the IAM 250.

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Contact: London and Thames Valley offices.

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ipVA provides IP strategy services and products that help businesses and investors better understand and manage intellectual property. For more, see the rest of our site and get in contact.